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Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup (Canh Khoai M)

Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup (Canh Khoai Mỡ)


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This Vegan Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup requires minimal ingredients, yet, is creamy and filling. You can have it as is or serve with white rice.

“What are we having for soup tonight?, a question I ask my mom often as we always have some sort of soup to go along with our dinner.

On busy weeknights when my siblings and I have packed schedules from school, my mom would most likely prepare 2-3 simple dishes and pair them along with a soup. One that I always get excited about is Canh Khoai Mỡ (Purple Yam Soup). 

The soup only has a handful of ingredients, one being grated, frozen purple yam that my mom would get at the Chinese Supermarkets. Sometimes forgets to defrost it the night before and would defrost it with our microwave. Whenever I see her walking up from our basement where our freezer is, I’ll immediately rush to the kitchen, wanting to be the one who adds it into the broth she prepared.

It was not a major task looking back, but it is rewarding to know you can help in some sort of way, and plus, I loved the color of the purple yam and got to be the first one to try the soup.

Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup (Canh Khoai Mỡ)

Is there a recipe that you learned to make yourself and feel accomplished knowing how to?

If you are ready to make this Vietnamese Purple Yam Soup, let’s start cooking!

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