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Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies

Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies


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These Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies only require a handful of ingredients to make. They are fun to make and are fun snacks to have for the summer!

Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies

Every year in the middle of the summer, when watermelons are in season and are the ripest, my mom and I become obsessed with having as many of them as possible. Almost every week, you can find my mom and I in the middle of the grocery store where cardboard crates filled with watermelon of different sizes are located. Petite in height, we would stand on the edges of the crates trying to reach down for the larger watermelons.

My mom would grab one after another, giving it a few knocks to see if it is ripe. We can be there forever, trying to decide which one would be the best. Sometimes, our cart would be filled with watermelons because we cannot decide which one to get. At the checkout, the cashier would laugh with us, remarking how two petite women would carry a watermelon that is nearly half our size.

When we get home, my mom would serve the watermelon first to our deities. After about a day, my mom would set the watermelon on the floor where she placed a wooden cutting board, slicing into the watermelon, hoping it would be sweet. When it is really red and ripe, she would beam with joy, excited she picked a good one.

Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies

Throughout the day, we all would go in and out of the kitchen, snacking on the watermelons.

Since it is watermelon season, I decided to make these Vegan Watermelon Sugar Cookies
Cookies to celebrate the summer. They require very few ingredients and you can decorate the cookies however you want as well. Let’s start baking!

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