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Vegan Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup (Vietnamese Bn Riu Chay)

Vegan Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup (Vietnamese Bún Riêu Chay)

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This Vegan Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup (Bún Riêu) is simple to make yet, flavorful and comforting to have. It is a common traditional Vietnamese dish that can be served for lunch and dinner.

“Dad, come in to eat!’, I would shout to our backyard for my dad to come in to eat on his day off.

On the days he has his day off, my dad would take my mom to the Asian supermarkets in our Chinatown so that she can get all the ethnic ingredients she needs for the week to cook for us. We try not to wake him up early, knowing he worked late the previous day and want him to get as much rest as he can.

Because of this, my dad never eats breakfast on the day he has off, waiting until we come back home when my mom makes him a big lunch. For some reason, my mom loves making noodle dishes whenever my dad is home, because it is faster and easier for her to prepare one dish rather than multiple.

Oftentimes, she would make Bún Riêu, a popular Vietnamese tomato noodle dish flavored with tomatoes, shrimp paste, and a meat broth. She would prepare the broth the night before and make the rest of the toppings to serve along with it the next morning before we head out.

When we come back home, my dad would walk around our garden and backyard, looking to see if there is anything he needs to fix, while he waits for my mom or I to call out to him when the broth heated up and it’s ready to eat. I would call out to him excitedly, waiting for him to come in so that I can bring the noodle bowl to him, happy he is eating a comforting meal. Even though he does not say anything, I know he enjoys my mom’s cooking and thankful he has a warm meal in front of him.

Is there a noodle dish your family enjoys making often?

If you’re ready to make this Vegan Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup (Bún Riêu), let’s start cooking!

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