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Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry

Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry


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Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry

This Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry is packed with warming spices and hearty ingredients like rustic potatoes and carrots. It is creamy and pairs perfectly with fresh baguette, noodles or rice. It is a comforting dish you can eat over and over again especially with the cooler weather.

I carried my backpack along with several textbooks and my flute case with me as I opened the door to my parent’s house after a long school day. It was those moments that I always get excited for as I wait for the aroma of whatever my mom was cooking to fill my nose.

One that gets me very happy is her Vietnamese Curry, passed down from my grandmother and modified by her. I would turn to my right where the kitchen is watching her stir the large metal stockpot (imagine a 24 inch+ tall stockpot), taking in the smell of warm curry mixed with potatoes and fresh baguette she would get at the bakery. I would immediately ask if I can taste it and the majority of the time it would be a “no”, as my mom usually prepares it ahead of time for dinner.

Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry

Even so, that would not prevent me from going into the kitchen several times to check if they were ready yet and sometimes, I would sneak a sip in whenever I can. It was one of those dishes where my grandmother would wait for my mom to bring her some every time she makes it and one in which all my uncles and aunts would often come over in a heartbeat to have, hence the large stockpot.

Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry

Traditionally, the Vietnamese curry is made with chicken, potatoes, carrots, coconut milk, lemongrass along with curry spices, but my mom loves using a variety of curry spices from different regions in Vietnam and also a secret ingredient that makes it even more delicious, which you will find out below. It is served with rice noodles, baguette or any bread you have on hand, and fresh lime juice. I modified mine to include cauliflower instead of chicken, of course, so no meat involved and 100% vegan.

So what do you think? Ready to make some curry together? Let’s start cooking!

Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry
Vegan Vietnamese Cauliflower Curry

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