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Vegan Tomato Focaccia

Vegan Tomato Focaccia


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This Vegan Tomato Focaccia bread requires minimal ingredients to make and easy to make as well. It is soft and fluffy inside and will leave you wanting more.

Vegan Tomato Focaccia

It seems that everyone is hopping in on the breadmaking train and I nonetheless want to join as well albeit a little later than everyone else. I have always loved artisan bread ever since I came back from Paris and learned that they only use 4 ingredients to make their baguettes and all of their bread is baked fresh daily. I love how fluffy the insides are yet they still contain a slight crunch from the crust. They are just so fresh and taste so phenomenal that when I returned back to the U.S., I refused to eat any of the bread in grocery stores for nearly a year before I discovered a hidden bakery in Boston that makes artisan bread everyday as well.

Vegan Tomato Focaccia

Of course they did not taste the same, but they value simple ingredients and serving the freshest bread possible. They baked a lot of varieties and one I really liked was their Tomato Focaccia. I usually don’t like focaccia because many of them or at least the ones I encountered often contain olives, which I really hate. I don’t like the taste or the smell of them and they can sometimes make me feel nauseous. So focaccia bread has been a no-no for me for a while. I was so happy when I got to try the Tomato Focaccia bread from the bakery when they are sampling it because it tasted so amazing! Fluffy and so soft.

Vegan Tomato Focaccia

Since then I have been thinking about that focaccia bread and always told myself I would make it. Well that was a few years ago and now I got the chance to try making them. It is not exactly the same as the one I tasted from the bakery, but it is so good as well. I had mine with some soup I made and it was the perfect combination.

Vegan Tomato Focaccia

To make this Vegan Tomato Focaccia bread all you will need are:
-organic all-purpose or bread flour
-active yeast
-salt and pepper
-olive oil
-fresh cherry tomatoes
-Optional: fresh herbs of choice

Vegan Tomato Focaccia

Ready to make this Vegan Tomato Focaccia? Let’s get started!

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