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Vegan Panda Boba Tea Matcha Tarts

Vegan Panda Boba Tea Matcha Tarts


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Rich and creamy, these Vegan Matcha Tarts are topped with homemade Panda boba (tapioca pearls). They are a delight to have for desserts or that mid-afternoon craving!

I stood over the stove, waiting for the boba to be cooked.

Almost every year during the summer, when all we want are all the cold drinks and ice cream, my siblings and I would always ask my mom to make us smoothies (instead of milk tea) with boba (tapioca pearls) in them. It is not until we ask her about a dozen or more times that my mom would finally make it for us. Around mid-morning, my mom would start to make the boba, wanting them to be cooled before taking out our old blender to make avocado smoothies, our go-to.

She would add a few tablespoons of boba to our summery plastic cups before topping them with the thick avocado smoothie she made and a jumbo straw. This is one of the few times when I would pass them to my siblings before getting mine, hoping my mom would give me extra boba from whatever is left after my siblings have theirs already. There is something just so fun about trying to get the boba through the straw and also a plus if they’re in different colors and when the smoothie is extra rich and creamy.

What is your favorite boba drink?

I had so much fun making these Panda Boba from scratch. It takes a little bit longer to make than traditional boba but 100% worth it. The boba is made gluten-free and you can top as much of them on these matcha tarts as you want. You can use any leftovers for boba tea drinks or have them as is!

Let’s start making these vegan Panda Boba and matcha tarts!

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