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Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies

Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies


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Thick berry filling is piled into a buttery pie crust, reminiscent of a favorite childhood treat. They are easy to make and guaranteed that after you bite into one, you will want another.

Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies

“How are we going to finish all of these berries?”

Who else feels this way when you buy too much fruit and wonder how you are going to finish all of them before they turn bad?

During the summer, one of the things my parents love to do is going to the Boston greenmarket. We would wait until the end of the day to go knowing they would reduce the price even more. I have always loved large markets, savoring the sight of all the fruits and veggies and the excitement surrounding me. Other than trying not to get lost, I would look around with my mom for the best deals.

One of our favorite moments was spotting large flats of berries for sale that we can buy with a few dollars. We would buy several flats of them and on our way home, the entire back of our car would be filled with berries and the sweet scent of them. When we get home, a little stress will come where we would all wonder how we are going to fit all the berries into our 2 1/2 fridges and how we are going to eat them all.

Safe to say, the next week, all we would be eating are berries and we would try to make all the jams and pies we can with them. Even so, berries will always be my favorite. August feels like it is already flying by and I am NOT ready for the end of summer produce.

So let’s savor all the berries before the summer ends! These mixed berry hand pies are perfect to make when you have those super ripe berries that you cannot eat in time before they turn bad.

Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies

Here is an overview of how to make these Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies.

You can find the full instructions on the recipe card below.

Vegan Pie Crust
This is made with a traditional homemade vegan pie crust. Unlike regular pies where you can blind-bake the pie, for these you do not need to. You can use this same dough for any pies you want to make whether sweet or savory. A key part is to keep all the ingredients as cold as possible before baking.

Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies

Mixed Berry Jam
For this recipe, I used a mixture of raspberry, strawberries and blueberries. If you are missing one, you can always use double of whatever berries you have on hand or simply just use one berry! You can also use blackberries as well. Both fresh and frozen berries will work well with this recipe using the same measurements. I added a little maple syrup, but if your berries are sweet enough, feel free to omit it!

Can you make other shapes with these hand pies?
Yes! I formed them into rectangular shapes for these hand pies but you can also use circular cookie cutters or any other shape you prefer!

Vegan Mixed Berry Hand Pies

How to store hand pies
These vegan mixed berry hand pies can be kept in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 1 week. To reheat them, heat them in the oven at 350F for 5-8 minutes for a crispy crust. If you are in a rush you can also microwave one for 2-4 minutes.

I cannot wait for you to make these hand pies! If you do, please tag me on Instagram @astepfullofyou or leave a comment below letting me know how you like them! Enjoy!

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