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Vegan Mini Vanilla Cakes with Rhubarb Frosting

Vegan Mini Vanilla Cakes with Rhubarb Frosting


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These Vegan Mini Vanilla Cakes are paired with a rhubarb frosting that is perfect for the summer. It is easy to make and made gluten-free.

Vegan Mini Vanilla Cakes with Rhubarb Frosting

I stood on my tiptoes even on a stepping stool watching my mom mix the vanilla cake batter, careful not to get the batter anywhere.

It was still early in the morning, but the kitchen was hot and humid. No one else was awake yet. I moved closer to my mom trying to hint to her that I wanted to try mixing the batter but she was done mixing it. Instead, she would let me pour the batter into the cake pan. We didn’t make it from scratch because we didn’t know how to back then, but even though it was from a cake box, I remembered how good the batter smelled. I made sure to get all the batter into the pan, not wanting to waste any.

When we finally get it into the oven, I would walk back and forth probably a gazillion times waiting for it to be ready. Of course, when it was finally ready, I wanted to eat it right away, but my mom would make me wait until it was cooled completely before letting me have a slice. We didn’t put frosting on our cakes often because my sister would not have any when it is too sweet.

When I could finally have a slice, my mom would slice a piece for me to have even before having breakfast (my mom was never strict on what I had for breakfast). Even though it was made from a cake box, I always thought it was one of the best cakes I had, more so from the memories of making it together with my mom.

What was or is your favorite cake box mix flavor?

If you’re ready to make these cute Vegan Mini Vanilla Cake with Rhubarb Frosting, let’s start baking!

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