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Vegan Milk Bread

Vegan Milk Bread

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Vegan Milk Bread

This Vegan Milk Bread is fluffy on the inside and makes the perfect breakfast bread or snack to have. It is lightly sweetened and pairs so well with tea or your morning coffee.

Vegan Milk Bread
Vegan Milk Bread
Vegan Milk Bread

When I was little, my parents and I would go into Chinatown in Boston once every week whenever my dad has a day off. We would drop by a traditional Chinese bakery we love to go to for bread and pastry goods that my mom loves to have throughout the week for my siblings and I and also for my dad to bring to work if he wanted something sweet to have.

Vegan Milk Bread
Vegan Milk Bread

One of my favorites is the milk bread that was sold there. They were so soft, almost like a sponge cake, that I look forward to having them every week and can have a couple a day. While the bakery used eggs and since I am vegan, I decided to try to make a loaf form of the milk bread that I had.

Vegan Milk Bread
Vegan Milk Bread

This bread took a bit of time to wait for the dough to proof, but it is so worth it in the end. I have been having a slice every morning as is or as toasts. Here are the ingredients you will need to make this Vegan Milk Bread:

Vegan Milk Bread

-all-purpose or gluten-free flour (if using gluten-free make sure there is Xanthan gum in it or you can add 1 tsp into your flour)
-plant-based milk of choice
-active dry yeast
-organic coconut sugar
-aquafaba (water from canned chickpeas)
-vegan butter

Vegan Milk Bread

Let’s make this Vegan Milk Bread!

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