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Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

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These Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls are packed with matcha flavor. They are lightly sweetened, super fluffy, and have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that your taste buds would definitely thank you for. They are perfect for any occasion and if you have kids at home, they would have a magical time making and decorating them with you as well!

I don’t know how he was able to hold everything in his hands.

I didn’t see my dad often growing up as he is still asleep when I head off to school and get home from work when I am in bed already. It was mainly on the weekends or when he had a day off of work when I was able to see him for a bit longer.

Because of his late shifts, sometimes not getting off of work until past midnight, he usually does not eat breakfast and prefers to get in as much sleep as he could. So every week when we would go grocery shopping together, my mom would get a bag of sweet bread rolls for my dad to have while he drives to work. We would warm 2-3 of them in our countertop oven when we hear him get ready for work upstairs.

Placing it in a small plastic plate when it is ready, we would set it out on our small kitchen countertop, lining it up with a bag of fresh fruits, his daily must-have iced coffee, and his car keys. I don’t know how but he would always be able to hold everything in his hands while also being able to lock the house door behind him.

As he headed to the kitchen, I could tell how tired he was after a long work shift. I’d say a quick “bye” to him before he closes the door, happy he would be eating some warmed bread before starting work. Even though we don’t have many conversations together, I treasure those small moments we have, knowing he would do anything to support our family no matter how stressful work can be, how tired he is or if he was ever sick.

Even though they are not always the most popular bread, bread rolls always have a special place in my heart. So let’s start making these matcha bread rolls! They are perfect straight out of the oven as is or with some vegan butter and/or jelly. They are perfect for breakfast and even as a snack!

Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

Here is an overview of these Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls.

Flour: I used regular all-purpose flour but you can also make them with bread flour.

Sugar: To make these tarts refined sugar-free, substitute the sugar with coconut sugar. I prefer to use granulated sugar for color purposes as the color of the matcha powder will be more vibrant.

Matcha Powder: Nowadays, there is a lot of matcha powder being sold everywhere. However, not all of them are of good quality. Matcha is a powder made from grounded green leaves and the color and intensity of the flavor vary depending on the season the green leaves are harvested.

There are 2 main types of matcha powder- culinary and ceremonial matcha. Culinary matcha is a lower variety of matcha and is a bit more affordable. Ceremonial matcha is the highest grade of matcha and what I prefer to use the most as it is bolder in flavor and the powder is smoother in texture. They are also used primarily in tea ceremonies.

If you are looking for matcha powder, be sure to check the ingredients list as matcha should be the only ingredient. I prefer to use Encha, Matchaful or Ippodo matcha the most. I used Encha’s ceremonial grade matcha powder for this recipe.

Dairy-free milk: I like using full-fat coconut or oat milk as they make the bread rolls extra fluffy and richer in flavor. However, you also use any other unsweetened plant-based milk of choice.

Vegan butter: I use unsalted, plant-based butter because I can control the salt level for the bread rolls.

Maple syrup: These matcha bread rolls are lightly sweetened. I found brushing the bread rolls with some maple syrup and plant-based milk mixed together enhances the flavor of the bread rolls and also makes the bread rolls lightly golden in color.

Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

Can I make these Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls gluten-free?
You can try substituting the flour with gluten-free flour, but note that they would not rise as much as regular flour. I have not tested it with gluten-free flour.

How do I store these matcha bread rolls?
These bread rolls are best eaten fresh. If you have any leftovers, store the donuts in an airtight container and place them in the fridge. Microwave them for about 15 seconds to warm them up again or in the oven at 200F for about 5-10 minutes or until they are warmed.

Can I make them with a stand mixer?
Yes! You can make them by hand or with a mixer. Make sure you weigh all the ingredients together and if you are making them by hand, do not over knead the bread, or else the bread rolls will come out denser and would not rise as much.

My yeast isn’t activating. What can I do?
Check the expiration date of your yeast before starting and make sure the milk is warm in temperature and is not boiling. If the milk is too hot, you will kill the yeast. If the yeast has expired, it will not rise as well. You will know they are ready in about 10 minutes in a warm environment. There should be foam on top of the milk when the yeast is activated.

What if my dough is not rising?
If you live in a colder environment, it will take the dough a much longer time to rise. To expedite the process, you can warm your oven at 200F for about 5 minutes. Turn the oven off and make sure it is not overly hot. Make sure you cover the bowl of your dough with a slightly damp, thin towel and before placing the bowl inside of the oven.

Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

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I cannot wait for you to make these Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls! If you do, please tag me on Instagram @astepfullofyou or leave a comment below letting me know how you like them! Enjoy!

Vegan Matcha Bread Rolls

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