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Vegan ChineseEgg Tart

Vegan Chinese“Egg” Tart

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Vegan Chinese“Egg” Tart

These Vegan Chinese “Egg” Tarts are made with a flaky and buttery crust paired with a custard-like filling. They are a fun twist to regular Chinese Egg Tarts.

Vegan Chinese“Egg” Tart

My dad only had 1 day off during the weekdays from work. Even so, it’ll be a busy day for him where he would catch up with any housework that needs to be done and he would use that day to drive my mom to the Chinatown in Boston (my mom has a fear of driving highways).

If I was home, I almost always tag along so I can ask if we can drop by one of the Chinese bakeries downtown for some baked goods after grocery shopping. Other than pineapple buns, my next favorite was egg tarts. I love their flaky layers where even if you take the tiniest bite there would be crumbs all around you and lightly sweetened filling. My mom would buy each of us 2 each and I would stand on my tippy toes to watch the bakers wrap them in a box for us, hoping they won’t smush any of them.

Vegan Chinese“Egg” Tart

I’ll hold onto the box, sitting in the back seat with my mom, excited to get back home to have one and also trying to be careful not to fall asleep on the car ride back and drop the box by an accident. When we get home and if both of my siblings are home as well, they would eat both of them immediately. I, on the other hand, would save one and put it in the fridge to have it as a snack or dessert the next day when I am home from school.

I would listen as my sister/brother complained that they should’ve saved one too or that we should’ve got more, but I like that we don’t buy too many. That way every time we have it, it’s more special. It’s the little things, those small moments when we look back and appreciate the most. Do you have a favorite childhood food that makes you reminisce the most?

I made a vegan version of traditional Chinese “Egg” Tarts. The layers are flaky and buttery and the filling is similar to custard. You would not know these tarts are vegan at all!

Ready to make these Vegan Chinese “Egg” Tarts? Let’s get started!

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