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Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

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Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

These Vegan Red Bean Flower Cakes are filled with a sweet red bean paste. They are fun to make and make for the perfect snack or dessert to have.

Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes
Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

These Red Bean Flower Cakes were so fun to make. It might appear to be difficult, but all you need are a few basic ingredients. You can make them into any shape you like or if you want something simple, roll them into a ball instead.

Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

As I am writing this, the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Traditionally, it is considered as the second most important holiday after Lunar New Year’s in many East Asian countries. It is a day where families gather together and a time to celebrate all the harvests of the year. On this day, the moon is said to be the brightest and roudest, highlighting the importance of family reunion.

When I was home, my mom would make mooncakes and prepare for a ritual to honor our deities. Lanterns will be seen throughout Chinatown and any other cities where the holiday will be celebrated. Although I am not home right now, I tried to keep the tradition alive. Although these are not mooncakes, they are a fun alternative to them. They are not overly sweet and you can have them for breakfast too with a cup of tea. Red bean paste is a common sweets filling in many Chinese desserts.

The cake itself is easy to make after the first and second tries. Read the directions carefully and if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. I hope you will have fun making them!

Are you ready to make these Red Bean Flower Cakes? Let’s start baking!

Vegan Chinese Red Bean Flower Cakes

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