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With Helen

With Helen


Vegan Chinese Bunny Steamed Buns

Vegan Chinese Bunny Steamed Buns

Breakfast, Chinese Food, Sweets

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These Vegan Chinese Bunny Steamed Buns require minimal ingredients to make and are great for breakfast and snacks.

Vegan Chinese Bunny Steamed Buns

I’ll be surrounded by all my cousins, jumping around, in my grandmother’s large bedroom, waiting for my uncle and aunt to come upstairs and tell us we can start egg hunting.

Once we can, we would all race downstairs, most of us without an Easter basket but plastic bags my grandmother handed to us, roaming the entire house for all the Easter eggs and treats.

Screams and laughter would fill the entire house as we all raced to see who would get the most Easter eggs or candy. One of my uncles would buy a gigantic basket of Easter treats and a bunny stuffed animal for the winner. I never won, but just enjoy the time all my cousins and I would gather together and of course, all the chocolate I can bring home with me.

My family doesn’t celebrate Easter, but almost every year we would bake something Easter-related whether they are carrot cakes, bunny sugar cookies, or just an Easter Egg Hunt with my cousins.

If you celebrate Easter, what is your favorite part about it?

If you are ready to make these Vegan Chinese Bunny Steamed Buns, let’s start baking!

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