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i'm Helen Au.

Welcome to my little corner of the world! I am a lover of matcha and dark chocolate (by dark I mean 100% dark chocolate) and the little baker and photographer behind this blog, With Helen. I’m originally from Boston, MA but have been on the move since I graduated from college in 2018, living one year in Austin, TX, another in The Big Apple- New York City, and currently in Denver, CO. Let’s say I have a love for traveling and exploring, but it wasn’t always like this.

Is this the point where I can say I am also a Sagittarius Sun and Moon with a north node in Libra in the 9th House? If I lost you, don’t worry. It just means I am destined to travel and see the world.

I grew up with a very protective mother and because my dad works long hours as a chef, we never got to travel. However, looking back now, little Helen was always curious and couldn't settle down. I was always up to going anywhere with my mom first to her sanctuary- the kitchen as soon as I could walk to grocery shopping and other mini excursions we have around Boston. If it was up to me, I could spend the entire day out and not be tired until I am hungry.

I'm THE writer around here.

You might not know.

Speaking of being hungry, I also have a deep love for food. Even though I risked being yelled at, I would stand by my mom’s kitchen watching her cook and bake. With a love for traveling and food, it is not a surprise that I enrolled in a creative food writing summer study abroad course in Paris. I would say that marked the time where I realized how much I love learning about different cultures and food around the world and also my desire to travel more.

Hey There!

A little History

You may or may not be surprised that I actually studied nursing while in school, but during my senior year, I realized it was not the path meant for me. I wasn’t as excited as my friends in going into hospitals working 12 plus hours on the unit floor. Even though I loved getting to know my patients, I was constantly looking at the clock waiting for my shift to end. I made a promise to myself when I was at one of my lowest points in my life that I would not do anything that makes me unhappy. With this reminder, I decided to take the plunge and follow my heart towards what I loved most at that time- food.

I picked up a beginner’s camera for the first time in 2019 and started practicing taking photos of the food I was making. Slowly, my photos began to look better and I decided to start this blog, documenting my love for baking and taking photos. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but it has been such a fun journey of learning and experimenting. As I am writing this now in 2022, I am taking my own advice and following my heart to do more traveling and of course, food will always be a big component for me.

So here you will find a mix of vegan recipes, travel stories and everything in between. I am not the type who can spend hours or the entire day and week in the kitchen, so when I am not there, you can for sure find me exploring the city, often scoping out bookstores, plant shops (I have a little obsession with plants too), cafes and getting lost in the city (which happens way too often, Google Maps I am so grateful for you). Meaningful and deep conversations fill my soul but so do infectious laughter and stories of how people grew up, the history behind a certain dish, places people traveled to, challenges they overcame……..most importantly, just learning about you. Thank you for being here with me and coming along with me in my journey to discovering the beauty around this world of ours.

what you will find here

Why Vegan?

I became vegan in 2019 after watching many videos and documentaries about how poorly animals are treated one evening. I never turned back. During that time, I learned that being vegan is not just about the animals and the environment for me, but also a way of looking at life and treating Mother Earth with love and care. It is about learning to love life and everything nature has to offer and to nurture our body and soul the best way we can. It is about living life with intention and appreciating and loving all the small moments we have every day, whether you are alone or with people you care about. There is truly beauty everywhere around us from the food we are preparing a meal with, daily walks, the moment we light up a candle, when we’re dining out with friends to watching sunrises and sunsets and all the in between . All we have to do is be open to seeing it that way and seeing it within ourselves too.

Of course you do not have to be vegan to enjoy life. The most important point is doing what you think is best for you and what your soul is brought here to do. You will figure things out along the way. Be kind and loving towards yourself. Your journey to your happiest self is one that is totally unique to you.

Paris, France

Pretty Little Liars

Crash landing on you

clowns (they are so creepy!)

Matcha Latte

01. first trip outside
of the u.s.

02. First Show I actually finished

05. Favorite K-Drama

BTS (all members) 


Pride and Prejudice (2005 version!)

07. The one food I cannot stand...

06. I absolutely hate...

08. Favorite movie

04. If I could meet anyone dead or alive right now who would it be?

03. My Drink of Choice

fun facts About Me

Paris, France

Pretty little liars

matcha latte

01. First Trip Outside of the U.S.

02. frist show I actually finished

bts (all members)!

crash landing on you

clowns! (they're so creepy!)


pride and prejudice (2005 version!)

04. If I could meet anyone dead or alive right now who would it be?

05. Favorite k-drama

06. I absolutely hate...

07. The one food I cannot stand...

08. Favorite movie

03. My drink of Choice

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flat white


yoga time!

05. starbucks order

06. place to shop

image style, obvs.

08. super power

07. when i'm not working


 fun facts about me

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