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A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

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Creamy and packed with matcha flavor, this Vegan Matcha Latte is a daily must-have. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and is the perfect alternative to coffee.

A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

Making a matcha latte is a part of my daily morning routine. It is one of my favorite moments of the day. It not only tastes amazing but the process of making the tea is soothing to me and provides me with time to myself before I get started with my day. It is extremely easy to make at home, but first, let’s learn more about its origin.

In these last couple of years, matcha has become somewhat of a trend. However, matcha has been dated back thousands of years, tracing all the way back to the Tang Dynasty in China which spanned the 7th-10th centuries. During that period, tea leaves were steamed, roasted, pulverized and then formed into bricks to allow for easier transport and trade.

From the 10th-13th century during the Song Dynasty, this form of tea preparation became popular. A Japanese Buddhist Monk, Eisai, who has been studying Buddhism in China returned back to Japan and brought back some tea seeds and the Zen Buddhists way of preparing powdered green tea with him. He planted the seeds on the grounds of a temple in Kyoto. Those seeds were considered to be the highest quality tea leaves all over Japan. However, because it was produced in limited quantities, matcha became a symbol of luxury.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony did not emerge until the 1500s when a Zen student, Murato Juko, merged the pillars of a tea ceremony into a formal ritual including the cultivation of tea leaves, consuming it and the ceremony. This tea ceremony become popularized through Zen Master Sen-n-Rikyu who formed the basic principles of a Japanese Ceremony including Wa (harmony), kei (respect), sei (purity), and jaku (tranquility).

A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

What is matcha?
Matcha is a powder made from grounded green leaves and the color and intensity of the flavor vary depending on the season the green leaves are harvested. It is traditionally served in East Asia. Something so special about matcha is that it is the only tea where you actually consume the leaf itself. All other tea leaves are thrown away after it is steeped. Not only does matcha taste amazing but it is also packed with antioxidants, helps sustain energy and focus, and is cleansing and detoxifying, containing five times the amount of chlorophyll than regular green tea.

Types of Matcha
Nowadays, there is a lot of matcha powder being sold everywhere. However, not all of them are of good quality. There are 2 main types of matcha powder- culinary and ceremonial matcha. Culinary matcha is a lower variety of matcha and is a bit more affordable. It can also taste a little bitter sometimes. Ceremonial matcha is the highest grade of matcha and what I prefer to use the most as it is bolder in flavor and the powder is smoother in texture. They are also used primarily in tea ceremonies. My favorite matcha brands are Ippodo, Matchaful, and Encha where all the matcha is sourced in Japan.

When you are buying matcha powder, make sure there is only one ingredient- matcha, in its ingredient list. Some brands include flavoring, added sugar and other things that are not traditional to what matcha is.
How to Prepare Matcha

A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

You only need some basic tools to make a yummy cup of matcha latte.

Tea Sifter: Some will omit the sifter, but I find that it is really important to have to prevent any clumps in your matcha. It would not taste good if you sip into a clump of matcha powder (it will taste bitter).

Bamboo Tea Ladle: This is what you can use to scoop the matcha powder. A scoop of the matcha using the tea ladle will provide the perfect amount. You can also use a teaspoon as well if you do not have a bamboo tea ladle.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk: This is the most essential tool to whisk the matcha properly and provide the beautiful froth you often see.

Whisk Stand: If you dont have one, it is totally fine. However, I find that it is really helpful to have one as bamboo whisks can mold if it is not dried properly and even crack out of shape if not stored properly. After you wash your whisk, you would simply place it on the whisk stand to allow it to dry in its original round form.

Matcha Bowl: You dont need a new matcha bowl to make matcha at home but it would make a nice addition to your ritual. If you dont have one, simply choose a small bowl you have at home that is a bit hollow to prevent the matcha from spilling over when you are whisking it.

Milk Frother: To have smooth and creamy milk for your latte, this will be a helpful tool to have!

Now that we went over everything, it is time to make yourself a matcha latte! If you do, please tag me on Instagram @_withhelen or leave a comment below letting me know you like it! Happy sipping!

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A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

A Guide to Making Matcha Latte at Home

Creamy and packed with matcha flavor, this Vegan Matcha Latte is a daily must-have. It takes less than 10 minutes to make and is the perfect alternative to coffee.

  • Author: Helen Au
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1
  • Category: Drinks
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Diet: Vegan


1- 1 ½ teaspoon (1 scoop bamboo ladle) ceremonial matcha powder

2 oz. 180F water

6 oz. plant-based milk of choice

Optional: maple syrup


  1. Place a sifter over a cup or bowl. Add in the matcha powder and sift the matcha powder to prevent clumping.

  2. Pour the water over the matcha.

  3. Using a whisk, blend the matcha powder into the hot water using a zig-zag motion until it is frothy. 

  4. Pour the matcha into a cup. If you want the latte to be sweetened, add in a bit of maple syrup and stir until it is dissolved.

  5. If you want a warm latte, steam froth your milk using a frother of your choice. Pour the steamed milk into your cup. If you want an iced matcha latte, pour the matcha into a glass cup. Add in ice and pour the milk over the ice. Stir and enjoy!

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